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How to Build Better Buyer Personas in 2021

Dive into what steps you can to create the most accurate personas in 2021.

Customer segmentation a great marketing tactic as it allows companies to understand their target users better. Generating buyer personas is an effective way to segment customers and to understand their needs and interests. As we start a new year, let’s dive into what steps you can to create the most accurate personas in 2021.

What is a persona?

A persona is a fictional or an imaginary person that represents a segment of your prospects, audience members, or your customers. A persona is typically presented via persona profile that presents characteristics of the persona such as a photo, name, gage group and other attributes.  A persona is an effective way to humanize all the data you know about your target audience and customers.

There are many domains that can employ a persona, including system and product design, marketing, sales, digital content creation, and advertising. There are many notable benefits for an organization that uses personas.

Best tactics to optimize persona creation

1. Identify: Categorize the population of customers, users, or audience members

2. Collect: Gather data about the Identified populations specifically concerning behaviors (or goals, pain points, etc.) and demographics.

3. Segment: Group the population into unique segments based on unique behaviors, goals, pain points, etc.

4. Generate: Produce identifiable complete segments with combined behavioral and demographic data

5. Enrich: Augment each complete segment with individual characteristics, such as photo, and name to create a complete persona profile for each customer segment.  

What is a “persona profile”?

A persona profile is the end product of the persona creation process. There are several layouts that can be used to graphically represents the Persona. A common layout i is usually a single page containing a textual description and a photo. The textual description will include, along with humanizing elements such as name, demographic information (e.g., education, job, age, etc.) and behavioral information (e.g., interests, goals, purchases, etc.).

When creating personas in 2021 marketing teams need to have a deep understanding of the demographics and psychographics of their prospects. A lot of research has to be done in order to have a persona that accurately reflects your target audience. In this digital age and trends developing at constant speed, its essential to have the analytical tools that have the best background information on your consumers available to optimize persona creation.

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